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Soccer Initiation

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Initiation works in two parts. First, it works to introduce the ball to the child and get them sufficient minutes, hours, and weeks to know soccer well and code 1000's of on-field moments and experiences kinetically.

The second part is to form their mind and EQ so that those kinetic codes pair with the appropriate mindset and emotion that favors the desired outcome. Both are equally important. Tactics and analytical-technical training are to be at the minimum to allow intrinsic learning to dominate this space.

How long does this phase of initiation lasts depends on when one starts. The later in human development, the more time it will take and possibly the less impact initiation will have. The impact of initiation may diminish when started at an older age because a young child is free from the subconscious turmoils of an older child. Play is their environment of learning, and they know not else.


Play is where the magic happens. When kids play, they open doors of learning that surpass any instruction.


Fun is what drives kids to push forward and be ok with being vulnerable. Fun masks discomfort and ultimately empowers them internally.


As they code their environments intrinsically, kids learn not only about the game but about themselves. We teach them to learn from what's happening.

Hi, I'm Al Arevalo, the Founder of Just4kicks

with well over 12,000 hours of initiation coaching

  • Over 18 years of experience 

  • Internationally/Professionally Licensed Coach FIFA | ATFA

  • Creator of the 5-Pillar Player Formation Course



Just4kicks has been serving the Solano County area since 2003. Participating as toddlers and returning as coaches, we have witnessed these great kids form into amazing young adults! We are so privileged to be part of the following great communities! 

Loved By Many

"Exactly what we were looking for..."

Just4kicks allows kids to experience soccer the way I did back home in my country but better because there is a coach there to manage and facilitate instruction. The philosophy is right on the mark!

Dario H.


"She showed a different side of her..."

Just4kicks allows kids to open up on the soccer field, and it is incredible to me how well kids adapt and learn in this type of environment. Everything is positive, and the coaches are great. Thank you!

Kim V.


"This is amazing..."

Coach Al's methodology in initiating kids is phenomenal. I think soccer has a bright future if we continue with this type of soccer learning. He has changed my mind about youth soccer. Keep it up!

Kevin E.

West Sacramento

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We want all local communities to have soccer initiation schools, and why wouldn't we want more kids to be soccer fans and players? The soccer community is what fuels our growing soccer infrastructure. The more access to local intrinsic initiation, the more passionate fans we will have to help support a high potential soccer ecosystem. By being part of our team of soccer initiation teachers, you are participating in helping mold and shape our local soccer culture. Our soccer initiation team comes from all walks of soccer-loving lives, from teenage aspiring soccer athletes to professional executives looking to satisfy their soccer fix. Have a passion for soccer and think you can share that passion and expand it with a group of kids and a ball? Complete our form, and we will get back to you. Whether committing to one evening or a morning a week or looking for a good-paying side hustle, we are looking for you.

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