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Hi, I'm Founder of Just4kicks Soccer

with well over 12,000 hours of initiation coaching

  • Over 18 years of experience 

  • Internationally/Professionally Licensed Coach FIFA | ATFA

  • Creator of the 5-Pillar Player Formation Course

Let me tell you  about my passion...

About Our School...

The J4k Way derives from the natural formation process of forming an elite athlete. Many believe that fun and play goes against the challenging grind to elite athleticism. I am here to tell you that's wrong. There is a place for that approach but not at the initiation level. There are three phases of soccer formation: Initiation - Formation - Perfectionism. The initiation phase is the most important. A deficient initiation leads to subpar formation. Our program's goal is to initiate the child to soccer appropriately so that when they reach their formation age (around 12 y/o), they have a solid & global foundation with a deep appreciation/love for the game. The J4k Way accomplishes this by assuring each contact with the child includes sufficient PLAY - LEARN - FUN. Of course, our fantastic in-house curriculum and approach helps too.

Vacaville Benicia Fairfield West Sacramento

"Just4kicks is one of a kind! All three of my kids went through Coach Al's programs for years before moving on. They still talk about him and remember his teachings!"

"Coach Al is terrific. I have never seen my son be so into something that wasn't a toy or on a screen!"

"Superb! Coach Al not only knows his stuff but is so good with kids. You can tell he cares about each kid and loves the sport."

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