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Your Local Soccer Initiation School

  • PLAY

    Play is where the magic happens. When kids play, they open windows of learning that surpass instruction.


    Kids are motivated by fun, which helps them face challenges and feel better about being open to instruction building inner strength.


    As kids code the environment, they not only grasp the game intricacies but also discover valuable insights about themselves - Self Discovery Learning is under valued.

    Soccer Initiation

    The First Phase of Player Formation

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    Hi, I'm Al Arevalo, the Founder of Just4kicks

    • Over 20 Years of Experience 

    • Internationally/Professionally Licensed Coach FIFA | ATFA

    • First Coach To Thousands of Players



    Just4kicks has been serving the Solano County area since 2003. Participating as toddlers and returning as coaches, we have witnessed these great kids form into amazing young adults! We are so privileged to be part of the following great communities! 

    Loved By Many

    Do you have a story of change or a testimonial we can use to show our contractors what we do?

    Just4kicks allows kids to experience soccer the way I did back home in my country but better because there is a coach there to manage and facilitate instruction. The philosophy is right on the mark!

    Dario H.


    Just4kicks allows kids to open up on the soccer field, and it is incredible to me how well kids adapt and learn in this type of environment. Everything is positive, and the coaches are great. Thank you!

    Kim V.


    Coach Al's methodology in initiating kids is phenomenal. I think soccer has a bright future if we continue with this type of soccer learning. He has changed my mind about youth soccer. Keep it up!

    Kevin E.

    West Sacramento

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    We're aiming to establish soccer initiation programs in every community. Who wouldn't want more youngsters to enjoy soccer as both fans and players? The soccer culture is what drives the growth of our soccer infrastructure. The more kids have easy access to local proper training, the more enthusiastic fans we'll have, which in turn supports a thriving soccer network. By becoming one of our soccer coaches, you're helping to shape our local soccer culture. Our coaching team includes people from all walks of life who love soccer, ranging from young aspiring players to busy professionals. If you have a passion for soccer and believe you can inspire and expand that passion among a group of kids with a ball, just fill out our form. Whether you can spare an evening or a morning each week, or you're seeking an additional income source, we're interested in having you on board.

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